About American

All of our courses have been specially designed @ developed on American pattern in consultation with DR.O.P.Lamba, Scientist in U.S.A.

Our new concept of teaching English Language is unique & flexible which ensures perfect retention of content involving purely psychological and scientific methods. It is entirely different from the traditional and stressful way of school/college type of english learning.

1)We make you speak quality English in just 90 hours(spread over a period of 03 months) - A time proven system being used successfully since 1991.

2)The Course at AIEL caters to your personalize needs which helps you develop a knack how to come out of a difficult speaking situation-a revolutionary concept in English learning.

3)AIEL provide yu a golden opportunity to learn better communication to enhance your personality through debates, seminars, personality development and interview classes.

4) AIEL Courses give an opportunity that will enable you to use English language fluently, effectively, confidently and in a natural way in real life situation.

5) At AIEL students ar closely monitored through a continuous assessment appraisal system supported with printed learning materials.